Strategies and F.A.Q. Edit

Strategies Edit

Charizard X or Charizard Y, that is the question.

Eudemon Catching Strategies

How to Beat 15 Stages of King Lines

F.A.Q Edit

  • How can i bind my guest account?
  • What is the best moves for my pokemon?
  • I got a bugle. What is the best strategy to catch it?
  • Can i able to mega upgrade my pokemon with x amount of energy on 2x event?

A: 6000 sp for orange dolls 2400 sp for purple dolls on 2x event.

  • How much gold will i spend for maximum of Iv's for Mega Pokemons?

A: Mega IV lvl 1-80 is 46.740.000 gold per iv. That is 280.440.000 for all six IV at max lvl

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