Items Type Effects Price
Cureall Potion Removes all harmful effects 1,000
Tranquilizer Potion Removes the confusing effect 800
Paralysis Healer Potion Removes the paralysis effect 800
Awakening Potion Potion Wakes up the sleeping target 800
Freeze Heal Potion Unfreezes the target 800
Burn Heal Potion Removes the burning effect 800
Antidote Potion Detoxicates the target 800
PP Max Potion Use to increase your target move's PP by 1 permanently. Each

move's PP can be increased by 10 at most by this item

Mental Herb Potion Revives 1 Pokemon and gives full HP 0
Revive Potion Revives 1 Pokemon and restores 50% HP 0
Super PP Elixir Potion Restores PP fully for all moves 2,500
Greater PP Elixir Potion Restores 10 PP for all moves 1,500
Medium PP Elixir Potion Fully restores PP of a move 800
Lesser PP Elixir Potion Restores 10 PP for a move 500
Largest HP Tonic Potion Fully restores the target Pokemon's HP 5,500
Super HP Tonic Potion Restores 2500 HP 3,500
High HP Tonic Potion Restores 500 HP  500
HP Tonic Potion Restores 200 HP 300
Milk Potion Restores 1200 HP 600
Lemon Juice Potion Restores 1000 HP 1,000
Soda Pop Potion Restores 600 HP 800
Fresh Water Potion Restores 300 HP 400


Berry The Pokemon that holds this item will not need to accumulate

power when casting a move that needs accumulate power.

Mystery Berry Berry Restores 5 PP for 1 move 3,000
Miracle Berry Berry Removes all harmful effects 5,000
Mint Berry Berry Removes the sleep effect 1,500
Ice Berry Berry Unfreezes the target 1,500
Burnt Berry Berry Removes the burning effect 1,500
Bitter Berry Berry Removes the confusing effect 1,500
PSN Cure Berry Berry Detoxicates the target 1,500
PRZ Cure Berry Berry Removes the paralysis effect 1,500
Gold Berry Berry Restores 800 HP 1,200
Berry Berry Restores 200 HP 500
Calcium Potion Increases Pokemon's Effort of Spec ATK and Spec DEF by 10 0
Carbohydrate Potion Increases Pokemon's Effort of SPD by 10 0
Iron Potion Increases Pokemon's Effort of DEF by 10 0
Protein Potion Increases Pokemon's Effort of ATK by 10 0
HP Boost Potion Chooses one Pokemon whose HP Effort is below 100 from your

team and increases the Pokemon HP Effort by 10.